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New postcard edition for Birthday Lottery

Freshly printed and cut, new Catsu postcard design for all the participants of our Birthday lottery! We will also include cards from this batch to all following orders until the stock lasts.

And it's still not too late to jump on this train - just take a photo of any Catsu item and send it to catsuthecat (meow)

The final draw is tomorrow evening! :)

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Written by Daria aka deedl — September 30, 2014

We #LOVE our clients! :3

It's incredibly cool to open an Instagram feed and see your own work being admired by people from all around the world :3
Our happy customers posting lot's of stuff lately and it makes us and Dita super happy and inspired.
If you have something to show us — feel free to use #catsuthecat hashtag, we check it regularly!

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Written by Daria aka deedl — September 08, 2014

Portrait of our muse Dita!!!

Dita got her first fanart portrait done, how cool is that?! I must admit I am even a bit jealous... 
Huge thanks to amazing Agnia for drawing this pic and showing it to us! :3
If you want us to see something from you in IG, please use #catsuthecat or #ditathecat tags and help us conquer the world :)

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Nautical bliss is coming

Something new and silky is coming soon to the shop!
Nautical style is always in fashion, especially when decorated with some kitties.
Meow :3

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#ditathecat :3

For all instagrammers out there! 
We don't do a lot of pet spamming here on CatsuTheCat, but just in case you wanted to see more of our fluffy muse Dita: she is trending in Darja's Instagram and even has her own hashtag #ditathecat. I think soon or a later she will get her own account, but for now we keep it simple :)

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Work in progress, vol. 2

Little bit more of current work in progress, a wee piece of larger design.
Lot's of stuff is being in a development stage and all I have to do is push a bit harder and finish everything all at once so we'd have a waterfall of new projects when the fall starts! :)

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Catsu postcards are here!

Got printed some of our comics and it feels so good to see those as postcards! We indeed plan to continue with printed goodies and make some calendars, notebooks, postcard sets etc!
And also, from now on every order on is accompanied by a postcard with handwritten thankyou note from me and Dita :) 

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Work in progress

Our comics about Dita's date was a true hit and now it's getting a new life by being made into something cool (and tangible)!
I spent all morning turning contours to vector and I am so excited to see the result once those are coloured :)
Stay tuned!

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Kitty Ring, new size!

Our Kitty Ears sterling silver ring is among most popular products on Catsu website, but it was available only in large sizes for quite a long time. People kept asking for smaller sizes but the previous manufacturer wasn't available anymore and search for a new one was equal to Frodo's quest to Mordor and back.
And now we are supper happy to announce that is it also available in size 16 and sizes 17 and 15 are coming soon as well! 

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