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Fall Semester 2015

Happy beginning of the school year to those who is still learning or teaching!
Catsu designer, Daria, starts this year with "Advertising design" course in Estonian Academy of Arts and we already know the secret ingredient of every design... CATS! :3


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Written by Daria aka deedl — September 01, 2015

Raining cats and... cats!

It's raining cats and dogs (but mostly cats) here in Tallinn! 
How is the weather in your country? Still enjoying whats left of summer? :)

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Written by Daria aka deedl — August 28, 2015

Hooligan Cats Pins are here!

Finally our passive-aggressive pins are ready!
Since we're participating in a lot of offline events the stock might be low, but we will try to update regularly :3

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Hooligan Cats design becomes a pin!

"Hooligan Cats" silk scarf has become one of our most popular products because of it's quirky and fun design. Now we are ready to continue the series with the pins!

Hooligan Cats with their bold gesture and "Bye" message can peek out of your shirt pocket, bag or any other spot you decide to put them in! Just make sure they are visible and prepare to get a lot of attention :)

Available very soon in our store!

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Happy Friday 13th!

Happy Friday 13th from Catsu team! We love black cats and don't think they are bad luck!
In fact, we believe each and every cat is good luck :3

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Art comes to Catsu The Cat!

Although not always feline-themed we are starting to offer ACEO prints and original artwork of Daria. Some works are done during our travels around the world, some in our cosy home with Dita being both muse and model and some are executed especially for the shop and people who appreciate art.
We hope to contribute on a regular basis to our shop section of Art Prints and Originals. Meow! :3

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