Catsu The Cat

Catsu is umm... a "small family business", I guess, which is actually run by 2 people and one cat. All artsy stuff is created by me, Daria, yet editing, motivation and support is made by D., my DBF. When we don't do Catsu, we do design and photography.

Our cat Dita is our Muse and inspiration. She is one very special cat for us and you can probably say we are cat-persons to the point when it even gets a bit eccentric :D

Catsu started couple of years ago when I got obsessed with the idea of making small batches of designer items united with a theme of one certain character — little black cat with a bit crazy look. Later we figured out the name (Catsu is similar to "cat" pronunciation with japanese accent)  and our stuff started to get more and more popular. We got two distributors (one in Russia and one in Latvia) but we still had no personal space, except our own blogs, for selling our items. This was the moment we got to the conclusion we need our own web-shop.

We are based in a small european country named Estonia, but we gladly ship to every part of the world which has a mailbox nailed to the fence :)


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