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We love to print stuff!

Yes we do! From now on and during the entire month of February all CatsuTheCat orders will be accompanied with the cutest St.Valentine's Day postcards!

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Kitty Earrings are now available in three colours

Designing jewellery is hard. You get the initial idea, you sketch it, but when you get to the manufacturing the whole different game begins, the game of difficult choices! 
What kind of clasp? What sort of enamel? Can we do the rhodium plating for extra gloss and scratch resistance? Is it possible to engrave authors logo on the back?
Decisions decisions...
Considering this I am super happy to announce that we have an addition to our Kitty Earrings collection — an adorable Ginger Kitties! I've always had a soft spot for redheads and by this design we want to celebrate all the redheads out there!
Mrow! :3 

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Happy New Year from Catsu team! :)

Happy New Year to everybody!

We've started new year with new comic strip about Dita's pyjama party of New Year's Eve.
We also have had one order already which is quite amazing for a sleepy day of January the 1st! 
Lot's of love from Estonia and stay tuned in 2015!

P.S. Dita says "Hi!" while meditating over our new alarm clock :3

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Merry Christmas from Catsu team! :3

Catsu The Cat team wishes you all a very Merry Christmas! 
Hug your loved ones today and of course, don't forget about you fur babies! :3
Sending lots of warm greetings from snowy Estonia,
Daria, Dmitri and Dita

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Written by Daria aka deedl — December 24, 2014

Catsu collaboration with!

Our "Cat Geometry" comic got a new life as a chubby neoprene gloss-coated mat and now being exclusively sold in shop based in Moscow, Russia.
Can't wait to get mine and see how it looks IRL!

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Catsu postcards for Holiday Season 2014!

Catsu postcards of Holiday season 2014 are ready!
Printed on a yummy paper with "champagne" lustre, hand cut and signed - those will be added to orders on made during November and December months!
Last week's buyers will get one too in a separate envelope :3
Cards are also available for purchase here either in "Edition 2014" (10 cards of the same 2014 year design) or "Mixed Edition" where our designs of previous years mixed with new one (5 designs, 2 of each in 10 card pack). There are only 7 packs left! 

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Aviator Kitty made it to Tanzania! :3

We always get excited and feel very grateful when someone sends us photo of our items in use. We feel especially happy when it's our Pilot and Sailor travel charms because we already have an impressive collection of their pictures taken all around the world. 

But yesterday we got a very special addition to this collection: a shot from as far as Tanzania!!! It's still hard to wrap our heads around the distance of 4500 miles!
Huge thanks to M. and S. for sending this special photo to us :3

(and if you want us to see your photo feel free to mail it to us or just hashtag it with #catsuthecat in Instagram and we will love you forever. )

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Aaand the winner is...

Huge congrats to both Olgas and Adrienne, I will contact you all very soon!
I also decided to have an extra 3 "runner-ups" who will get pins of their choice (either one from Angel/Devil set or any Zodiac), so congrats to them as well! 
Big thanks to everybody who participated and if you didn't provide me your mail address for the postcard, please do so asap!
Tomorrow is a day for post office visit and I will send your goodies first thing in the morning. :3

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