Catsu The Cat

"Hero mom" Award

Moms are cool: they rase us, wipe our tears away, encourage and cheer for us. They love us forever and we love them back.

Thats why we came up with the idea that every mom deserves to be awarded with a special "hero-mom" kitty award!
Nothing embodies the idea of perfect mother better than a cat-mom, either taking care of one kitten or of a whole bunch of fluffy and sassy kids :)

Will suit perfectly both for human moms and crazy cat people, because taking care of fur-babies is quite an achievement in our eyes too!


Pin is made of zinc alloy and hard enamel, hand polished. 

Each pin is stamped with a "deedl" logo (Daria's personal trademark) and unique serial number of certain edition. 

Butterfly clutch on the back.

Will be shipped from Estonia, Europe to any part of the world :)

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