Catsu The Cat

Dita's sixth feeling

As Dita has some health issues (she is allergic cat, so she gets pimples from time to time) we are frequent visitors of our pet clinic.

Dita hates those and she can tell exactly when we are just fooling around and her carrier is "safe" and when I am trying to get her in for taking to the doctor's appointment. Really have no idea how she feels it :)

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Written by Darja Tokranova — September 11, 2012

Cute habits gone bad :3

 Dita has the cutest habit of coming for a hug at the morning. She is smiling and purring on my chest, while I am still sleepy rubbing her forehead...

...sounds so cute, doesn't it? 

Only Dita now weights around 5 kilos and it's getting impossible to breathe after couple of minutes of our morning session :)

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Written by Darja Tokranova — August 20, 2012

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