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Holiday Postcard Set

It's becoming a good tradition for us to design special Holiday-themed postcards which we then sign and add to all orders during time of mid-November and December. 
Design for 2014 is Christmasy and cosy gift-packing scene, where Daria and Dita definitely have different views on a perfect packaging :3

This year our cards can also be purchased separately, either in "Edition 2014" (10 cards of the same 2014 year design) or "Mixed Edition" where our designs of previous years mixed with new one (5 designs, 2 of each in 10 card pack). Each pack contains 10 matching envelopes.


NB! Quality typography printing, however, each card is cut by hands meaning that edges are NOT perfect.

On the back of each card there is a hand written signature and year.

Cards are printed on a yummy heavy paper with subtle "champagne" lustre and warm golden tone. 

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