Catsu The Cat

Oh hi there! Catsu team is on a little vacation, so all orders made between 17th of May and 5th of June are still happily accepted on but will be shipped only after the 6th of June (with a little something extra added for patience). Thank you! Catsu The Cat Team

Kitty Scarf "Catsu the Cat"

Everyday life of Catsu the Cat to which every catlover can relate!

Some good habits like peaceful sleeping, cute yawning and procrastinating on a pillow... and some not so harmless like stealing socks, messing up the knits and hunting everything that moves :)

Size of the scarf is 65*65cm.

Scarf is made of 19m/m 100% satin silk, very flowy and quite shiny material which feels very nice to touch.

Better be hand-washed washed in cold water (30 Celsius degrees), no bleaching or agressive detergents unless you intentionally want a distressed fabric look. :)

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